Young Naturalists Club was created on the basis of Feldman Ecopark in 2012. Its main goal is to get teenagers acquainted with the nature and form their respectful attitude towards all living creatures and civic awareness in matters of environment protection. This issue is particularly relevant today when many children prefer computers and various gadgets to communication with animals, fresh air and exercise.

At the moment the club includes over 200 young naturalists aged from 6 to 17. Their work is based on a mixture of theoretical and practical classes. Children do not only work with scientific and popular books and listen to lectures but also observe wildlife and conduct independent experiments.

In their study of animals and plants the pupils learn about the need for protection of both unique species and the entire cenoses of living beings, get acquainted with their outer structure and physiological peculiarities, their dispersal and role in the nature, and with their practical importance in man’s life. At the same time, teachers give their young naturalists basic skills in animal care, the attraction for healthy lifestyle, and help them to develop active citizenship. It is no coincidence that there is a belief that a person’s attitude to the wild world is the best thing to show one’s attitude to other people.

For the two years of the club’s work the young naturalists of Feldman Ecopark have participated in over 50 conferences and contests, and visited a number of natural parks in Ukraine and abroad. For successful implementation of innovative approaches in out-of-school education the club has been awarded the title of ‘The Innovative Institution’ by the National Ecological Center and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.