‘Lend a Helping Hand’ is a humanitarian volunteer program created by the International Fund of Oleksandr Feldman in cooperation with Red Cross Ukraine on the basis of Feldman Ecopark.

The project began its work in 2014. In these hard times for our country, the main goal of the program is comprehensive assistance to civilians who suffered as a result of the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine.

Only last summer Oleksandr Feldman Fund together with Red Cross Ukraine brought to the ATO area over 20 tons of humanitarian aid (including medications, food, clothes and primary necessities). Besides, lawyers, medics, psychologists and volunteers from the charitable mission provided specialized aid to over 500 civilians who became hostages of the combat operations in this region. In addition, the project participants evacuated from the antiterrorist operation area more than a thousand people, mostly women, children, elderly people and people with special needs.

A particular line of the project activity consists in social rehabilitation of forced migrants, ATO servicemen and their families which is realized on the basis of Feldman Ecopark. For their benefit, the park hosts round tables, press conferences and other interesting and useful events. The most well-known events include a humanitarian motor rally to Slaviansk with antique cars from AVEK motor club, a patriotic children’s picture contest ‘Hear me, Ukraine! We don’t want war!’ and the charitable event ‘Let’s send the child to school together.’