omEJTu7GfNUThe Center of Tolerance is an international organization created on the basis of Feldman Ecopark in 2006.

The main task of this project is to promote spreading principles of tolerance and liberality in the territory of the multinational Ukraine, and to combat any manifestations of xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism and extremism in the ideological, political, informational, political and spiritual fields.

  1. Within the framework of this program, sessions of the management board of the International Interdenominational Forum are held at Feldman Ecopark with support of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee and the European Council of Religious Leaders. Their body of participants includes representatives of the largest denominations of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, as well as scientists and politicians from over 20 countries of the world.

    In addition, the work of the project envisages much attention paid to educational activities. Together with the Association of National and Cultural Unions of Ukraine (ANCUU), a series of events is held regularly in order to form tolerant attitudes in interethnic and interdenominational relations. The Center’s extends its scope of activities far beyond Ukraine to Austria, Israel, Germany, Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Hungary and France.

    The next step in achievement of the set goals will be construction of the Museum of World Religions and Cultures in Kharkiv, which is supposed to become a symbol of tolerance, good and peace on Earth.