main_594   Feldman Family Museum is a non-government museum institution uniting private collections of Oleksandr Feldman. They date back to 2000. Over time, the collections grew larger to be united into a pre-museum project The Feldman Collection six years later. Its goal was to gradually transform the private collection into a full-fledged museum with its subsequent integration into the non-government part of the Museum Stock of Ukraine. This goal was achieved in 2012 when the project was reorganized into a private institution Feldman Family Museum.

Creation of this project embodied the principle of openness of private collections which Oleksandr Feldman has always supported and cultivated. In his opinion, the everlasting works of art should bring into our lives their educational, enlightenment and esthetical value instead of being merely an object of pride for their owners. That is why the doors of Feldman Family Museum are always open for those eager to satisfy their thirst for the beautiful and learn more about the cultural heritage of the world. Moreover, the project regularly assists state-owned museums by contributing to their stock with new works of art and by updating their physical infrastructure.

Currently the museum’s collection includes over 2,600 works of art and artifacts from the East and West. Experts believe that the most valuable items, in terms of scientific and cultural significance, are collections of works by artists of the Paris School, miniature plastic figures from Japan (okimono and netsuke), jewelry arts of India, cold steel arms of the East, and a collection of sea shells. For the time of existence of the museum, about 40 exhibitions have taken place in Kharkiv and in other cities, where collections of Oleksandr Feldman have been shown.