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Equestrian Complex of Feldman Ecopark is a unique project that combines education, upbringing and health improvement.

The project was founded in 2013. Nowadays the complex provides education to some 250 children aged from 3 to 18 on basics of horseback riding, animal care and safety rules in work with horses. Lessons are given in an innovative club-type form: this system teaches all of its participants to assist those who need help and see their collective as a large family, relations inside which are built on mutual support and solidarity.

The complex work on the four lines of training: a horseback riding school, a pony club, courses of gentle treatment of horses, and an equestrian theater for children and youth. In addition to specific knowledge of horses, the project also gives all trainees a chance to try their hand at professional sport: club members participate in all kinds of contests all over Ukraine, and regularly take top places.

Besides, the Equestrian Complex is one of the favorite places of rest for little Kharkiv residents and their children. The territory of Feldman Ecopark often hosts horse-riding performances, family relays, contests and games involving animals.