‘Dobriy Dom. Feldman Ecopark’ is a large-scale and comprehensive project stating its main goal as saving the animals in trouble.

The first steps in this direction have been taken back in 2010 when the program ‘Dobryi Dom’ (the Kind House) appeared. Its members take an active part in creation of new rehabilitation centers and help animals to escape cruel treatment, receive treatment and find new owners. Besides that, animal owners can have a free consultation on keeping, taking care, feeding, upbringing of animals and communication with them. One of the main goals that the program participants see for themselves is to reduce the number of homeless animals but only in a humane way to keep them alive.

An important role in the project work has always belonged, and still does, to educational work which is the best “vaccine” against cruel treatment of animals. It is especially relevant when speaking of the younger generation. In order to bring them ideas of humanism the animal protection activists regularly organize various events, exhibitions and charitable shows meant to help animals and improve the responsibility of their owners.

In 2013 Dobriy Dom took its work to a new level of quality by becoming a center for saving wild and exotic animals. Now it represents a call center that unites animal protection organizations all over Ukraine. By dialing the hotline number anyone who cares can inform them on a wounded animal or a situation when an animal is in danger. Taking the call the Center members contact specialized institutions of the region from where such report came. Then their representatives take action to save the “victim”: they ensure provision of necessary veterinary aid, search for new owners for domestic animals and or return wild animals to their natural habitat after a period of rehabilitation.
Such plan of work allows coordinating the activities of numerous services and organizations engaged in helping animals all over Ukraine, and the existence of a single phone number reduces the lengthy process of saving animals to making one but important phone call.