Today’s only Ukrainian center for animal-assisted therapy (this is the name for a medical treatment which makes use of animals) was created on the basis of Feldman Ecopark in 2013. Absolutely for free, children with such specific diseases as ICP, Down’s syndrome, autistic disorders, locomotor system disorders, scoliosis and speech retentions can receive medical care.

Methods of work used by the Center members are based on immediate contact of their little patients with various animals. Such communication does not only develop children’s coordination, strengthen their muscles and improve joint mobility, but also has a positive effect on their general physical and psycho-emotional condition.

There are many animal therapists who “work” at the Center of Psycho-Social Rehabilitation, and they even include exotic turtles. This is the first and so far the only experience in application of turtle therapy for rehabilitation of children with special needs.

Only in the first year of the Center’s work it has been visited by some 200 children at the age of twelve months and older. Nowadays, the program provides 30 free classes per child, 30 minutes each. Activities of the Center of Animal Therapy at Feldman Ecopark have been highly appreciated by professional medics working in the fields of neurology, psychology and rehabilitation. In the future, the center is planning to organize training of specialized experts for the entire Ukraine.