Specialists Feldman Ecopark Recommend not to “Rescue” Fledglings 05.06.19

Goodhearted people massively gather fledglings, wishing to rescue nestlings and bring them to the Centre for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home”. Specialists ornithologists recommend not to do it – nestlings not always require person’s assistance.

“For the last two weeks people brought more than three tens nestlings to us. This is mainly owlets, horned owls, magpies, little jays and starlings. People think that if they found a fledgling on the ground and it looks lost and loudly shouts, then it by all means must be rescued. That’s not the case – in most cases it is better to pass it by, somewhere nearby fledging’s parents stay and control a situation (the nestling sends them sound signals) — Volodymyr Perekhodovych, the head of birds sector of the Feldman Ecopark told. — At the beginning of summer, the nestlings hatch and, having hardly feathered, they learn to fly. Having fluttered out from a nest, they jump several days on the ground. All this time, parents continue to bring up a fledgling, train it in necessary skills, preparing for independent life. Therefore, we don’t recommend to touch it and furthermore to take away – this could only do harm”.

According to the specialists, the majority of “rescued” nestlings that were taken away home die in the first days because of the wrong diet and nutrition. But even correctly brought up bird cannot be released without special rehabilitation – without useful foraging skills it will die under natural conditions. Most often such “rescued” birds are doomed to lifetime person’s maintenance.

“If you noticed that cats or dogs try to attack a birdies — do not take it away, and instead banish predators. At the same time you can put a nestling on a branch above. If you found a fledgling that sits on a carriageway, just drive away him far away from the place where there might be a car (for example, to the next roadside bush). Only if there is an imminent danger of bird’s death — for example, you found obvious injuries or it doesn’t get on feet – only then you should take a birdie away from the nature and bring it to professionals who will be able to take care of it — Volodymyr Perekhodovych specified. – Here, in Feldman Ecopark, we provide rescued fledglings with treatment, appropriate care, healthy nutrition and a rehabilitation course after which all healthy individuals come back to the habitat. And those who have injuries remain under our guardianship for the rest of life.”

It should be reminded that the Centre for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home” deals with animal rights protection since 2010. It’s main goal is to rescue the animals from cruel treatment, to help the injured animals and the ones in trouble, to reduce the number of stray animals using only humane methods. Since its establishment, the total of more than 6,000 wild animals were rescued by the Centre, and nearly 22,000 domestic ones found their new owners. The project is implemented under the auspices of the International Charitable Foundation “Alexander Feldman Foundation.”