Last Weekend in Feldman Ecopark Read Fairy Tales 05.08.19

The first weekend within the Kazka Fest project in Feldman Ekopark organized by the International Charitable Foundation “Oleksandr Feldman Foundation” with the support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation within the framework of its programme “Prominent Event for Ukrainian Culture” was devoted to a fairy tale therapy. Young guests to the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex were able to try this healing methodology, while their parents adopted it at home. During the past weekend, workers and volunteers of the Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation held in total twenty sessions focused on different age groups – from 3 to 7 years. In specially equipped reading tents children plunged into the magic world of imagination by means of toy and living characters – kittens and rabbits. Each fantastic session finished with psychotherapeutic interaction in a group: study of the read plot in a game form with animators, drawing and cutting from color paper. In addition to reading tents, at Feldman Ecopark paths appeared gallery of fantastic illustrations and stands where everyone was able to paint his/her favourite fantastic hero, make own version of famous fairy tale by means of drawings.

According to the head of psychological service of the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation Tetiana Aliieva, fairy therapy is a synthesis of scientific achievements of psychology and pedagogics with art. The main lever of fairy therapy is a metaphor as a basis of any fairy tale. Precision of chosen metaphor defines efficiency of fairy therapy skills in work with both children and adults.
“All fairy tales we chose (both well-known, folk, and new books by modern writers, we sorted out by age and discussed subject especially for parents, and then ciphered them. So, instead of Puss in Boots, Mitten, The Lonely Ant or Velveteen Rabbit, everyone was able to see on posters The fairy tale of courage and ingenuity, The tale of cordiality and hospitality, The tale of friendship and fidelity, The tale of kindness and care. Thereby, we at once explained fairy therapy essence to adults, keeping an intrigue for children”, – Tatiana Aliieva told.

“Fairy tale therapy allows the child to feel more confident, to get rid of fears, to change internally. The child will identify himself with that fairy tale character closest to him by moral and personal qualities. It is an invaluable material for work of the psychologist and attentive, loving parents, – Inna Vashkite explained. – In time told fairy tale means to the child as much as psychological consultation to adult. The only difference is that the child is not obliged to draw aloud conclusions and to analyze his state, everything is going at the internal, subconscious level.”

It should be reminded that this August the International Charitable Foundation “Oleksandr Feldman Foundation”, with support of Culture Foundation within frameworks of its programme “Prominent Event for Ukrainian Culture” launched new cultural project of national scope — The Kazka Fest. Every weekend of the last summer month literary readings, book fair, theatrical performances, concerts, fairy tale therapy, art quests, master classes and other events will take place in the territory of the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex Feldman Ecopark.