Japanese Macaque Baby Born in Feldman Ecopark 17.07.19

Another addition to the animal collection of Feldman Ecopark. Japanese macaque cub was born last week. Aссording to Olga Prokopova, the head of the sector Apes of Feldman Ecopark, the kid is healthy, eats maternal milk and stays together with mother in common enclosure with other representatives of this species.

“Newborn is a male, not a firstborn. A female is already skilled and responsible mummy — constantly stays with her kid, takes care of him, feeds and massages kid’s gums for teeth to grow quicker. Other individuals do not offend them. This group consists of three males and one more senior female. On the contrary, during the postnatal mealtime order changed — the nursing mother eats right after the leader, and then other members of bunch, including the macaques standing earlier in upper level in the hierarchy — Olga Prokopova told. – Such behavior is typical for social animals. We currently strengthened a diet for everyone to have enough delicacies and to avoid conflicts because of status changes. We feed Japanese macaques twice a day. Breakfast consists of vegetable marrows, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables, as well as crackers and nuts. For dinner we give sweet fruit, such as tangerines, oranges, bananas, apples, grapes”.

It should be noted that Japanese macaques is the species of monkeys, steadiest against frosts, adapted for climate when snow covers the ground for three months and more, and average winter temperature can be 5 degrees below zero. The Japanese macaques are known for their habit to wait a winter icy cold, sitting in warm springs.

It should be reminded that the ape collection of Feldman Ecopark is one of the biggest in Eastern Europe. It includes nearly 250 animals of 30 species. The animal collection of Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex totals more than 2,000 animals of 300 species.