Feldman Ecopark Invites to Celebrate Earth Day and Palm Sunday 18.04.19

Three holidays – Earth Day, Snowdrop Day and Palm Sunday – will be celebrated in Feldman Ecopark on Sunday, April 21.

“The visitors to the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex will be welcomed by Lady Earth and her satellites – trolls. Everyone will be able to take photos in a picturesque photo zone and to take part in various exciting entertainments. We will continue studying the traditions of different countries. This time, everyone will be able to find out about an ancient English fun – leather skipping rope jumping, and to take part in the Eco-Skipping jumping tournament,” the organizers of the festivities tell.

At 10.30 AM, Open-air Art Studio will offer kids to create works devoted to the topic “My Green Planet.” At 11 AM, the game programme for children about primroses Travel to the Land of Primroses will start at the main location. In particular, it will include a master class from the Young Biologists Club on the creation of primroses with the help of paper. The Theatre of Children and Animals will present a premiere of the performance A Tale about Snowdrop based on the tale 12 Months (starting at 11.30 AM).

The game programme The Children’s Hour devoted to the topic “Let’s Keep the Planet Clean and Beautiful!” will start at the main location at noon (kids will be able to learn in game how to sort garbage, to take care of flowers and so on). The exhibition competition of posters devoted to the preservation of primroses Let’s Preserve and Multiply (near the animal theatre) will start at 12.30 PM. An interactive Bird’s House will tell about the rules of construction and types of houses for birds (birdhouses made with the help of different methods) with their demonstration (starting at 1 PM). Ecological quiz The Adult’s Time will start at 2 PM, while everyone will be united with the rousing dance and entertaining programme Polka-DANCE at 2.30.

Eco-Skipping jumping tournament, Open-air Art Studio, game programme Travel to the Land of Primroses, The Children’s Hour, The Adult’s Time, lecture Bird’s House and Polka-DANCE will be also waiting for the visitors on Saturday, April 20.