Feldman Ecopark Good Home Rehabilitates Raccoon Dog Found in Southern Railway Museum 10.04.19

The Centre for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home” took on rehabilitation a raccoon dog with serious traumas found by visitors of the Southern Railway Museum under one of the exhibited engines.

According to the head of Good Home Iryna Podvoiska, a raccoon dog was brought to clinic; the specialists examined it and found a great number of mites. A dog had anemia, dehydration and wounds on a neck from being bitten by some animal. The specialists made an injection against mites and provided all necessary medical aid. Now the raccoon dog feels better, but it is still very weak. However, the animal already began to go out after dark and to eat. So far, it is difficult to say how long it will take for its rehabilitation. If the animal couldn’t recover completely for return to the natural habitat, then it will live in “Feldman Ecopark Good Home”.

“Wild animals, such as foxes, raccoon dogs and others are increasingly found on streets of Kharkiv where they obviously do not belong: forest inhabitants in the city are trapped by a set of dangers that they’re not aware of. Besides, they can bring dangerous diseases, in particular, a rabies. Among the reasons of this phenomenon is the method of irrevocable catching of stray dogs with their future euthanasia. When using of humane method of CSVR (capture, sterilization, rabies vaccination, return to natural habitat) dogs do not allow wild animals to replace them in urban environment, at the same time they are not aggressive in relation to the person and do not breed.” — the head of the Centre for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home” Iryna Podvoiska told.
It should be noted that the raccoon dogs requiring rescue and rehabilitation often get in the crosshairs of Feldman Ecopark Good Home specialists. At the end of December 2018, the Centre took on rehabilitation a raccoon dog with broken hind legs. Kind-hearted people found the animal near the road in one of Kharkiv regions and brought in Feldman Ecopark.