Feldman Ecopark Good Home Promotes Humane Methods of Stray Animal Control 05.04.19

The Head of the Centre for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home” Iryna Podvoiska took part in a round-table conference devoted to the topic “Urban Animals: a Problem and Methods of Solution” in Kharkiv press club. During the conference, the participants (Good Home, Animal Help League and ME Centre for Animal Treatment) discussed different methods of stray animal control.

In her speech, Iryna Podvoiska emphasized the advantages of use of humane method of CSVR (capture, sterilization, rabies vaccination, return to natural habitat), which Good Home helps to introduce in the range of towns in Kharkiv and other regions.

“Everyone chooses own way: either the modern and humane one, like it happens in many other countries, or with the use of obsolete methods of irrevocable capture of stray dogs. More and more Ukrainian regions and towns introduce the CSVR method successfully: the number of bites decreases, the aggression of animals disappears, and rabies does not spread,” Good Home’s chief emphasized. “When capture and euthanasia of dogs is used, new wild animals replace them and bring risk of this dangerous disease spreading: for example, Good Home’s hot line is contacted nearly every day about foxes in the city of Kharkiv.”

Moreover, Iryna Podvoiska shared the experience of owner search for stray animals with the help of special fairs, as well as taking photos of cats and dogs and posting them on social networks with their stories: nearly 90 percent of stray animals are settled by Good Home’s workers and volunteers this way. She also drew attention to the importance of propaganda of responsible treatment of animals, particularly among children. “Kindness lessons demonstrate good results. During these lessons, children learn that a pet is not a toy, but a huge responsibility,” she noted.

It should be reminded that the Centre for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home” is engaged in animal protection since 2010. Its main tasks include the rescue of animals from cruel treatment, assistance to injured animals and the ones in trouble, the reduction of the number of stray animals with the help of humane methods. The total of more than 6,000 wild animals were rescued and nearly 22,000 pets found new home thanks to the Centre. The project is implemented under the auspices of the International Charitable Foundation “Alexander Feldman Foundation.”