Feldman Ecopark Good Home Gives Home to Dozen of Nutrias from Sazhyn Yar 17.05.19

Centre for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home” gave home to three adult nutrias and ten nutria kids. They have recently been found in Sazhyn Yar by the workers, who asked Good Home to take the animals.

“Apparently, the nutria family was set free near the water with the special purpose and out of humanitarian considerations. However, it was made without consideration of safety risks and without a thought about their future winters. These animals are not the representatives of our local fauna – they are bred here artificially, and they are not able to survive our cold winters without human assistance,” the head of Feldman Ecopark Good Home Iryna Podvoiska told. “That is why when our hot line received a call about the nutrias in Sazhyn Yar, we decided to take them as soon as possible, until these rodents (and, first of all, the kids) fall victims of other animals or unkind people.”

The nutrias are currently staying in quarantine; they are examined and undergo necessary veterinary procedures. After that, the new settlers will be transferred to the comfortable enclosure. Most probably, they will stay in Feldman Ecopark with their congeners – there are ten nutrias in the animal collection of the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex.

It should be noted that the homeland of nutrias is South America, but the species was acclimatized in Eurasia and North America. The area of habitation extends or reduces depending on warm or cold winter. In some cases, frosty winter caused full extinction of nutrias, like in Scandinavia and northern states of the USA in 1980s.

It should be reminded that Centre for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home” deals with animal protection since 2010. Its main tasks is the rescue of animals from cruel treatment, assistance to injured animals or the ones in trouble, the reduction of the numbers of stray animals with the help of humane methods. Since its establishment, the Centre managed to rescue more than 6,000 wild animals and find new owners to nearly 22,000 pets. The project is implemented under the auspices of the International Charitable Foundation “Alexander Feldman Foundation.”