Children’s Exhibition “Gifted Children — Future of Ukraine” opened in AVEC Gallery 18.06.19

The exposition of “Gifted Children — the Future of Ukraine” takes place in the AVEC Gallery (2 floor) and became continuation of an art marathon of children’s creativity, which was launched here at the beginning of spring.

The exhibition collected works of pupils of the Kharkiv Regional House of Children and Youth Activities. According to Oksana Bondarenko, the teacher of a group of fabrics art painting, the exposition comprises painting, graphics, vytynanka, ceramics – fine and decorative applied art.

“We are able to know something new about such studios as Firebird, Kaleidoscope, Palytra design studio and others. The exposition comprised 100 brightest and impressive works of gifted pupils aged from 5 to 15 years, painted in different techniques. Pictures were specially selected for the “Gifted Children — Future of Ukraine” exhibition, as young artists constantly participate in exhibitions of not only city or regional level, but also of the National and International level. It is very important to children to see results of their creativity in expositions to show to parents and friends, to believe in themselves and their own creativity” — Oksana Bondarenko emphasized.

It should be reminded that exhibitions of young artists Fluffy, Toothy and Multi-Colored and World around Us have already been held in the AVEC Gallery under the auspices of an art marathon of children’s creativity.