Cheerful Elections will be Held in Feldman Ecopark on Sunday 28.03.19

An overall rush that covered Ukraine before the presidential elections affected Feldman Ecopark as well. Own elections will be held here, on Sunday, March 31: all of the visitors to the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex will be able to become familiar with the programmes of the tailed, fanged and hoofed candidates, to solve who they trust the most, and to give their voice to the worthy ones.

“Don’t forget that April 1 – April Fools’ Day – is coming. That is why the elections in Ecopark, unlike the serious voting that will take place in our country this day, are aimed at having fun! Comic Entertainments HumouRine 2019, or Everyone to WElections! with clownery, contests, songs, dances will cheer everyone up! Our candidates will also make everything possible to boost spirits of the visitors to the Multi-Complex: after all, each of them is dreaming about the title of the king of animals. Support them with your votes,” the organizers urge.

The voting at animal elections will take place at the main location of Feldman Ecopark. Game programme HumouRine 2019 will start here at noon. In particular, it will include a lot of cheerful entertainments (funny event with kettlebells, Prohibited!, Blue Сanary), fun competition Face-to-Face, massive dance of good mood with clown’s noses. And in case laughing whets your appetite, starting from 1.20 PM both children and adults will be able to take part in the dance and entertaining programme It is Impossible to Spoil Porridge with Dance! The Theatre of Children and animals will present a concert To My Dear Daddy devoted to fathers and grandfathers on this day (starting at 11.30 AM).

An interesting entertaining programme will be also waiting for those visitors, who are going to come to Feldman Ecopark on Saturday, March 30. It will include summing up of the competition exhibition of children’s works Our Bright Spring (starting at 11 AM and 2 PM), HumouRine 2019 (starting at noon) and the programme It is Impossible to Spoil Porridge with Dance! (starting at 1.20).