Albino Kangaroo Born in Feldman Eсopark 02.07.19

There’s an addition in Feldman Ecopark. In kangaroo couple (red-necked male and albino female), the albino cub was born. The animal was born in the early spring, but only recently began to lean out of a maternal pouch. From the first day, the veterinarians of a Multi-Complex attentively watch the newborn and his mother. The animals live together with other relatives in spacious enclosure equipped with a warm house in case of bad weather.

“We will be able to tell cub’s gender a bit later – meanwhile, it’s better not to disturb the family in vain. They will be inseparable for several months, until the cub ceases to stay in a pouch. But even after that a kid will follow his mother everywhere. We haven’t yet selected the name to young kangaroo, so everyone is able to offer his/her variants, having written on our Facebook page, – told in Feldman Ecopark. – Kangaroos are vegetarians; prefer fresh greens and root crops, while nursing mother has a special diet. We feed her with vitamin-rich vegetables and fruit, such as: pumpkin, carrot, apples and bananas, also for the kid to receive more useful substances with milk.”

It should be noted that both a Feldman Ecopark’s newborn and his parents relate to a distributed species of marsupials, rather widespread in Australia — Bennett’s tree-kangaroo. A small albino population of this species can be found on the island of Bruni, near the coast of Tasmania. They are the ancestors of almost all warm and fuzzy kangaroos living in zoos of all different countries of the world. According to zoologists, in the wild nature, mammals very seldom have albino addition. Albinos often perish before reaching sex maturity because of unmasking color and related genetic diseases.

It should be reminded that three big red kangaroos, two big gray kangaroos and five Bennett’s tree-kangaroos live in Feldman Ecopark. Already two albinos are among them now.

It should be also reminded that there are more than 2,000 animals of 300 species in Feldman Ecopark’s animal collection.